Guest Manager

Blue Bayou has a guest manager aboard, who can help with your daily requests, and advice you whenever needed.

Blue Bayou Private Transportation

Our beloved friend Charlies, is by far the most reliable and professional driver in the region. As such Blue Bayou has embraced him as part of our team. Charlies Transfers and Adventures will pick you up from the airport and can furthermore arrange additional transport for larger groups. 4 wheel drive tours across the whole region, can be made.
Kitesurfers can start their downwinds a couple of feet from Blue Bayou, and transport will be awaiting at their finishing point. Back to Blue Bayou to unwind!


Getting hungry at Blue Bayou?! No Way! Breakfast is included for free, and half or full board can be arranged upon request. We furthermore have catering or onsite cooking available coming from our “Vizinho” , Baraca do Belo, a true legendary institute in this region! Every day you can eat the most fresh fish, shrimps and lobsters from the sea, catched just an hour ago.
Not a big fan of fish? Or already eaten too much of it? No worries! Some fantastic all-meat restaurants are only a stone-trow away. Toca do Castelo, run by our friend Julio, offers some fantastic barbecued beef, pork, or chicken.
BBQ/Churascaria evening: on request, a BBQ can be preprared, and all meat and ingredients will be freshly bought from the best supplier in the region! Just relax with a sunset drink, enjoy the BBQ and the view across the camboa and the ocean.
As Barrinha de Baixo is getting more and more attention from people who appreciate real paradise, more and more restaurants and bars are popping up! Apart from our beloved neighbour Baraca do Belo, we have restaurant Komaki just 30 feet away! There is furthermore Lanchonette BM in the centre of Barrinha with some good music, and a delivery pizza service!

Staying in touch with the home front

WIFI is available across the whole Blue Bayou estate.

Laundry Service

Laundry service is available upon request, and will be picked up at Blue Bayou.

Grocery Delivery

There are several supermarkets and ‘Mercadinhos’ in Barrinha de Baixo, which will deliver to your door.

Just a few steps away from the Brazil beach!!




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