Casa Blue Bayou

Casa Blue Bayou

Casa Blue Bayou is a beautiful authentic house build a decade ago, that recently has been restyled. It has a huge kitchen and 2 separate indoor bars. It’s garden has magical views over the rolling dune (who never wanted one!) and the camboa which floods around Full Moon. It has an entrance to the fishermens’ square where the fish is traded as it has been for centuries. The main house can lodge anywhere between 2 to 6 persons, while the romantic authentic Taipa can lodge 2 additional guests. With 4 bathrooms and several indoor/outdoor showers, Casa Blue Bayou is the perfect place for a family or group of friends. The beautiful beach is only a footstep away!

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Blue Bayou is located in the small fishing community of Barrinha de Baixo, Ceara, Brazil. This small beautiful village, surrounded by the ocean and beach, many lagoons, rolling dunes and the magical Camboa, is located only 16 km from Jericoacoara National Park. Local life is centred around fishing, and the locals are extremely friendly!

Casa Blue Bayou can be rented in combination with Beachhouse Blue Bayou for larger groups, subject to availability.

The whole estate comprises nearly 3500 square meter of paradise. Blue Bayou has 2 big villas with amazing tropical gardens and cool hideaway lounge areas that can be rented independently, or in combination, Casa Blue Bayou and Beachhouse Blue Bayou.

3500 square meter of paradise!!!

Amazing star watching!

The backyard has a huge lounge area, that apart for soaking up some proper sun, can be used as an outdoor sleeping area for amazing star watching!

wireless internet

Staying in touch with the home front. WIFI is available across the whole Blue Bayou estate.

Ocean view

Relax between the palm trees and enjoy the Ocean and the Camboa. .There are many beautiful lagoons in and around Barrinha de Baixo. The nearest one? About 150 feet !!!!

Free swimming in the ocean!!

Compulsory once in a while! ;). Step out of your door, onto the beach! The blue fresh water lagoons, which fill up during the rainy season, are only a stone-trow away. Or relax in one of the many lounge areas that Blue Bayou offers.

Yoga, Kite surfing, Buggy/Quad Tours, Fishing

Both Casa Blue Bayou and Beachhouse Blue Bayou are perfectly suited for yoga groups. Barrinha de Baixo is becoming the new kite destination around Jericoacoara. It has one of the most consistent wind in the North East region of Brazil. Several amazing buggy or quad tours and daytrips can be made from Barrinha. Go fishing with the Pescadores!

Bars and restaurants in Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is one of these special places on earth. With over 300 pousadas (hotels , bed and breakfast), and many bars and restaurants , it is a wonderful place to hang around for a day, evening or night. But because of it’s famosity, Jeri is becoming over crowded.

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Feel free to contact us when you are interested in a certain period. Then we will keep you informed. Although we keep the reservations up-to-date, it can occur that a period has been booked in the meantime. In that case we will inform you as soon as possible. We aim to process our bookings within 1 or 2 days time. Ofcourse it is also possible to send an e-mail to for information or ask for an option (free of obligations).


Just a few steps away from the Brazil beach!!




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