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located between the fishermens’ square, the rolling dune, the Camboa and the Ocean!

Casa Blue Bayou is located in Blue Bayou in Barrinha de Baixo. It accommodates couples or groups between 2 to 8 persons. Casa Blue Bayou is amazingly located between the fishermens’ square, the rolling dune, the Camboa and the Ocean!


A Casa Blue Bayou Beach resort under the magical glow of the Brazilian sun and upon the glorious sands of the Atlantic Ocean


Casa Blue Bayou is a beach resort that gives you the experience of living in a Caribbean fishing village but with most of the facilities that you expect of idyllic vacation resorts. The original villa was built a decade ago but just recently it has been restyled and refurbished to accentuate the Tropical feel and the relaxation of a seaside holiday at par with the best vacation homes you can find anywhere.

Surrounded by the fishermen’s square, a rolling dune, the camboa and the ocean, our beach resort villa is perfectly placed to give you a memorable beachside holiday experience that is very hard to find at other vacation homes and vacation resorts. Whether you want to behold the star-studded skies while gently swaying upon a hammock or bump into the local villagers through the direct entrance into the fishermen’s square, the sensations and mysteries the ancient ocean lifestyle brings never end at Casa Blue Bayou.

The main house of the beach resort can comfortably accommodate 2-6 vacationers. The romantic Tapia adjacent to the main house can accommodate two additional guests. The beachside vacation resort has four bathrooms and multiple indoor and outdoor showers that you can use after having frolicked on the beach. Talking about the beach, you can splash into the Atlantic waves just a few footsteps away.

If you want to sleep amidst the heavenly Tropical breeze you can sleep in the lounge area – the place is awesome for stargazing and sunbathing. There is a small piece of art waiting for you at the beach house, and it is called Relaxboat. You can use this charming boat as bar/lounge area, or you can simply get your favourite book and make yourself comfortable inside it. It has a fantastic view from its cabin.


Casa Blue Bayou is one of the few beachside vacation homes in Brazil that give you a full beach holiday experience while keeping you totally comfortable and relaxed. Ensconced within the surroundings of the beach resort is our tropical and wild garden. You can relax there while the leaves of the palm trees whisper untold stories to you, stirred by the breeze of the ocean. From there you can enjoy the ocean and the Camboa.


Oh yes, there are many enchanting lagoons around our beachside vacation home. One of them is just 150 feet away. The collection of our vacation homes can accommodate up to 18 holidays. Contact us to get an experience of a lifetime in this tropical paradise.

Additional Housing

Casa Tartaruga

Casa Tartaruga is a beautiful villa that sits right on the beach and has fantastic views across Barrinha and all around. It can lodge an additional 8 persons.



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