Blue Bayou Kids Camp & very large groups

Blue Bayou Kids Camp
and very large groups

We at Blue Bayou realize, that it is very hard to accommodate very large groups of kids, with their supervisors, near to each other. Lodging groups of 40 to 60 persons, all within close vicinity, in or near Jericoacoara, is nearly impossible.

For that reason, we have set up the Blue Bayou Kids Camp (or large group) initiative, whereby next to Blue Bayou, 2 to 3 beach houses, built by us, for our friends, can be used too!

The whole group will be able to have breakfast together on the Blue Bayou estate, have a BBQ, and play in our huge garden. The beach is right there for you all! Because our tropical garden is so huge, we can even offer to place a huge “Saharastyle Berber tent” for the more adventurous types.

Our complementary houses

Casa Fantastico: this new, just completed house, build by Femke op den Camp, is about 60 meters from Blue Bayou, with no houses in between. It has a huge garden, fantastic views across the camboa, lagoons, and the ocean.

Casa do Mangue: right on the beach, and about 30 meters from Blue Bayou, is another spectacular beach house build within the Blue Bayou creative vision. All build from wood, with respect for nature.

Casa Tartaruga: last but not least, this beautiful 2 story beach house, sits right on the beach, and is located about 50 meters from the front entrance of Blue Bayou. Again, build all from wood.

The beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil village of Barrinha de Baixo, is perfect for large groups of kids with their companions. They can roam freely through its surrounding dunes, wade in the lagoons, or go swimming in the ocean. Everybody knows eachother, and social control is big, making this a safe place for children.

Prices are available upon request, and subject to availability.



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