Barrinha de Baixo

A Peace of paradise!
Barrinha de Baixo

Your very own piece of vacation paradise by the seaside.

This is a tropical holiday experience that will give you a lifetime chronicle of memories. Surrounded by rolling dunes and mesmerising lagoons, Barrihna de Baixo unfolds a treasure trove of vacation experiences. Cradled between the sand and the sea and caressed by the heavenly tropical wind that breezes through the waves and fills you with joy and rigour, this vacation spot rejuvenates you to the core of your soul.


Why come to Barrinha de Baixo for your seaside tropical vacation?

We give you a combination of earthly experience and the worldly comforts that you expect of a standard holiday destination. Our Casa Blue Bayou vacation cottages are designed on the theme of a Brazilian fishing village. This is not just a decorative village – you will actually get to interact with the friendly local villagers. One of our pathways directly leads to the fishermen’s square! The people of Barrinha have maintained their traditional and tranquil way of life for centuries and you won’t be left untouched by their friendliness and openness. Their way of life hasn’t been affected by mass tourism.

We have a beach house for you that doesn’t overwhelm you with over-the-top facilities because we know that you’re not looking for them. You are looking for a comfortable vacation stay that allows you to interact with the natural elements and local people. Though, you have uninterrupted Wi-Fi so that you can keep in touch with family and friends from the comfort of our seaside huts in Barrinha de Baixo.

The place enjoys clear blue skies during the day and star-studded constellation during night. During full moon, the tide swells up the ocean and the mighty Camboa comes rolling into the lagoon, all set to impress you.


Barrinha de Baixo is near to Jericoacoara

Compared to Barrinha, Jericoacoara is more popular with over 300 pousadas (hotels and bed and breakfast places) and bars and restaurants. No doubt it is a wonderful place and you can hang around for a day, but due to its popularity, it is also more crowded. That’s why, people looking for peace and quiet and a seaside experience, rush to Barrinha as soon as they get a chance.

Our Casa Blue Bayou beach house pampers you thoroughly. Delicious food. View to the rolling dunes, the local village and the Camboa. The breeze and the sun are unlimited, although, if you feel hot, the dense vegetation around the beach house can lull you to sleep or provide a perfect place to set up a conversation with your favourite book.

Once you spend a few days in Barrinha, you will want to come back again. Contact us @+31 6 420 89 490 for more details.



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