Downwinders – Kite Surfing in brazil | Blue Bayou

Enjoy one of the oldest sports known to mankind – kite surfing is popular across the world, but no place does it better than Barrinha de Baixo, the new kite destination around Jericoacoara with one of the most consistent winds in the North East region of Brazil.


Barrinha de Baixo is changing into the new kite destination around Jericoacoara. it’s one in all the foremost consistent wind within the North East region of Brazil. lovely weather combined with a median annual wind speed of twenty-three knots the whole season from June to January/February makes it a true kitesurf paradise. On a standard day, the wind can blow from before twelve noon till sunset. The wind direction is cross on-shore creating it the proper enjoying ground for all levels!


Barrinha de Baixo is the spot to show the art of kite surfing! This lovely village is set upwind from Prea and Jericoacoara, creating it good for a downwind session then relish the beach, restaurants, and bars of Jericoacoara, before heading back to the tranquillity of Blue bayou in Barrinha de Baixo! Blue lake has skilled links with many outstanding kite instructors! Kite equipment may be safely held on, and there’s a dedicated washdown space for both kiters and their gear.


Blue Bayou can organize surf downwinders, thus you’ll step straight onto your board, and go where you wish. Transport back are looking forward to you!

Bluebayou beach house is the ideal destination for a change of scene and rare moments of adventure. An ambitious kitesurfing complex, perfectly integrated into the surrounding natural environment.

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