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Vacation adventure activities to re-energize you

What’s a tropical holiday without a handful of adventure activities? At Casa Blue Bayou we believe that adventure activities during your vacation shouldn’t be taxing, but at the same time, they should mildly challenge your physical abilities and mental faculties. This is why we have arranged fun-filled adventure activities for you, friends, family and colleagues.

There is an abundance of open spaces, lagoons, beaches and rolling dunes in and around our beachside holiday resort. The sun is shining but is not hard. The breeze is strong but comforting and enervating. The water is serene but awe-inspiring. The sky is blue during the day and star-studded during nights. This is an ideal place for outdoor activities.


Barrinha de Baixo is a vibrant village community

The most basic vacation activity you can indulge in is interacting with the local community of 1000 persons. They are very friendly people and they will welcome you with open arms and delicious seafood. You can play a football match at the beach. You can see them herding their cows and donkeys around the camboa during early mornings. If you’re lazy, you can simply sit on one of the benches at the fishermen’s square and absorb the atmosphere or read a book.


Kite surfing vacation activities in Barrinha de Baixo

Strong winds make Barrinha de Baixo the perfect spot for kite surfing. The place has the most consistent wind in the north-east region of Brazil, which is ideal for kite surfing. The entire season of June to February Barrinha de Baixo remains the ideal kite surfing vacation spot. You can have an upwind kite surfing session from Prea and Jericoacoara and on your downwind way you can just chill on the beach or have a good time at restaurants and bars. We at Blue Bayou can help you get in touch with professional and highly experienced kite surfing experts.


Fishing with the village folks of Barrinha de Baixo

The fishing village of Barrinha de Baixo has an ancient tradition of fishing. You can go fishing with the village folks and enjoy the ocean breeze. Behold the majestic Caribbean waves while your companions expertly catch fish. You are welcome to try your hand and have a meal that you have caught yourself!


Yoga retreats in Barrinho de Baixo

The peaceful and serene atmosphere of this beachside vacation spot is perfect for doing yoga and getting in touch with your spiritual side. Improve your health and mind with enervating yoga sessions at the beach.

Brimming with vacation adventure activities, you will get a wholesome holiday experience at the Blue Bayou beach house.

Just a few steps away from the Brazil beach!!




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